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SPROUTS (Est. 1995) is a Mumbai-based Environmental Consulting and Eco-tourism company established in 1995 by renowned Wildlife Biologist and Conservationist, Anand Pendharkar. It has been working with people from various parts of the world towards popularizing outdoors and experiencing Nature at its best, while focusing on wildlife conservation. SPROUTS regularly organizes camps, nature trails, treks to various National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, farms, lakes and even zoos, which it considers to be very important centres of ex-situ conservation via captive breeding, research and education. SPROUTS has over the last 25yrs undertaken Biodiversity Research initiatives such as the Northern Western Ghats Conservation Project (NWGCP), Mumbai Biodiversity Project (MBP) and Marine Documentation Project. SPROUTS believes in engaging members of the society in loving, protecting, studying and multiplying the abundant resources the Earth has to offer. We also focus on responsible lifestyle activities, including sustainable eco-tourism, production and promotion of eco-friendly products and volunteer-based actions towards wildlife conservation!


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Anand Pendharkar - Founder & CEO

Anand Pendharkar is a Wildlife Biologist, Ecologist, author, trekker, activist, consultant, zoo educator and an alumnus of the reputed Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. He founded SPROUTS (Est. 1995), an Ecotourism and Consulting Company, which for the last 25 years has been documenting and creating awareness about the immense biodiversity of Mumbai, its coastline and the Western Ghats via Mumbai Biodiversity Project (MBP) & the Northern Western Ghats Biodiversity Conservation Project (NWGBCP). He has published over 650 popular and scientific articles in international journals, papers and magazines. In 2018, he co-authored a book, titled ‘The Other Mahabaleshwar’.


Amruta Padgaonkar - Freelance Associate

Amruta Padgaonkar has a deep passion for exploration - especially in nature and food. Her journey into the natural world began during childhood, fostering her interest in birdwatching. Alongside her academic pursuits, earning a Bachelor's degree in Zoology and a Master's degree in Life Science (Biochemistry), she dedicated six years to working as a Nature Educator at SPROUTS. Amruta also volunteered her time to educate underprivileged individuals of all ages through nature trails, workshops, and clean-up drives. She takes pride in her collection of owl-themed items, reflecting her love for these birds. With her current role at Early Bird,Nature Conservation Foundation (Bangalore), she hopes her passion for birds & working to popularise them, comes full circle!


Siddharth Waradkar - Freelance Associate

Siddharth Waradkar has completed his graduation in Zoology and currently working as a Freelancer. He was a former intern at SPROUTS, and has 5 years of experience with teaching the underprivileged and in NGO sectors. He has lead many Sustainable events for International Clients and even worked for Corporates. He has been a part of research projects and assisted Mr. Anand Pendharkar in various projects. Siddharth has explored the jungles of Western Ghats and his love for nature developed through photography. Starting from his first encounter with a Indian Cobra in his backyard, it's been an endless journey.


Sneha Patel - Freelance Associate

Sneha is fascinated through the patterns found in Nature and loves to combine Nature and Art. She especially loves doing Mandala Art. She is currently pursuing Bachelors in Science. She volunteered and joined the year-long Eco-Leadership Internship in 2018, at the SPROUTS Environment Trust, an Environment NGO. Sneha has conducted Mandala and Nature Art workshops during various SPROUTS events.


Rahul Palekar - Freelance Associate

Rahul Palekar is an Engineer by profession and has an interest in Nature Education and Sustainability. He completed the yearlong Eco-Leadership Internship with SPROUTS Environment Trust in 2020 and has been associated with the Organisation as a Volunteer, ever since. He has been a part of Green Audits and Restoration Projects as well as in the designing and dissemination of Nature IEC material. He has also worked in the defence sector and is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Exeter, UK. His other interests include going for beach walks, reading about the history of the Mumbai islands, reading about Dinosaurs, poetry writing, and watching Cricket.


Aradhya Sardesai - Freelance Associate

Aradhya Sardesai works in the development sector. His academic and professional interests lie at the cross-sections of community engagement, outreach, sustainable development and wildlife conservation. After an Eco-leadership Internship with SPROUTS Environment Trust in 2016, he has been associated as a freelance consultant. He likes to play football.